M.: Sunny Monkey Arta

(Freit Neyt Valensyia x Tim Spirit Garson)

Born: 3. 6. 2014

Height: 49 cm

Shows: JCH LV, JCH LT, JCH BALT, ISPU Junior winner (BOB) 2015, ISPU BOO 2015, PL 2x JCAC, JCH RUS, LT Schnauzer/Pinscher club winner 2015, CH LV, CH PL, 15x BOB, 2x BOO, 4x CACIB

DKK: 0/0 - HD A

PRA, C, LL, PHTVL/PHPV - clear (9/2016)


F.: Emerson Sam Harmony Star

(Dorra Doriana Harmony Star x Xitamiz Samwize Gamgee)

Born: 8. 2. 2010

Height: 51 cm

Shows: IntCh, JChCZ, ChCZ, GranchChCZ, ChSK, Winner of Speciality Pinscher Club Show, 3x Best male CS, Club Winner, Memorial Winner, BIG 6, BOB

DKK: 1/1 - HD B

PRA, C, LL, PHTVL/PHPV - clear (2. 8. 2012)

Dilute color test: D/D

wWD: N/N 

Puppies's pedigree:



Date of birth: 22. 12. 2016
Males: 2x red
Females: 3x red, 1x b/t

24. 1. 2017 - Puppies were one month old two day ago! They grow up to really promissing show pinschers! They all have nice character. We are looking for great loving hove and the best it should be, if new owner will be interested in showing and breeding because our puppies are really smart!

red male Amerson Ares Andbeker

red male Azar Alger Andbeker

red female Anduria Astarte Andbeker

red female Aztra Alatiri Adnbeker

black and tan female Agatha Aldur Andbeker

red female Andalusia Alavesa Andbeker 

10. 1. 2017 - Puppies will be 3 weeks old in the near time. They are like small bears, full of taste and energy. They try to go around their bed. Still available for reservation. We expected great characters and exteriers. All red puppies will be nice dark red.

pink girl (red)

golden girl (dark red)

green girl (red)

red girl (black and tan)

purple boy (red)

blue boy (red) 

1. 1. 2017 - Today puppies are 9 days old. They grow up really quickly. All time they sleep, drink milk and looking around their bed :) They attack 800g!

purple male (red)

blue male (red)

pink girl (red)

red female (black and tan)

green female (red)

golden female (red)

24. 12. 2016 - Puppies are going well. They are strong and hungry! :)


22. 12. 2016 - Today were born our puppies deffinitly! Everything was ok, puppies and Arta are tired a little :)


9. 12. 2016 - 46 day

27.11. 2016 - 35 day

23. 11. 2016 - Arta is pregnant.


Jitřenka Moravia

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